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Contributions à revues scientifiques

Contributions à revues scientifiques

Boucharlat R. « Renewal and perspectives in Iranian archaeology over the last two decades ». ISIMU. 10 décembre 2019. Vol. 22, Echando la vista atrás y mirando al futuro
Looking Back and Looking to the Future. Viginti annis in studiis Orientis (1999-2019) et Olivier Lecomte In Memoriam, p. 119‑132. Disponible sur : < >
Crassard R., Hilbert Y. H. « Bidirectional blade technology on naviform cores from northern Arabia: New evidence of Arabian-Levantine interactions in the Neolithic ». Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy [En ligne]. doi : /10.1111/aae.12138
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Chapkanski S., Ertlen D., Rambeau C., Schmitt L. « Provenance discrimination of fine sediments by mid‐infrared spectroscopy: Calibration and application to fluvial palaeo‐environmental reconstruction ». Sedimentology [En ligne]. 26 novembre 2019. p. sed.12678. DOI: 10.1111/sed.12678
Porcier S. M., Berruyer C., Pasqali S., Ikram S., Berthet D., Tafforeau P. « Wild crocodiles hunted to make mummies in Roman Egypt: Evidence from synchrotron imaging ». Journal of Archaeological Science [En ligne]. 1 octobre 2019. Vol. 110, p. 105009. Doi : 10.1016/j.jas.2019.105009 >
Vitori C., Chardon V., Chapkanski S., Carbonel P., Goiran J.-P., Pfister L., Schmitt L. « Automatic detection of the Cyprideis torosa (Jones, 1856) sieve pores from backscattered Electron Scanning Electron Microscopy images and development of morphometric tools for their shape identification ». Marine Micropaleontology. 12 septembre 2019. p. 101782. Doi :10.1016/j.marmicro.2019.101782 >

E. Pleuger., J.-P. Goiran, I.Mazzini, H.Delile, A.Abichou, A.Gadhoum, H.Djerbi, N.Piotrowska, A.Wilson, E.Fentress, I.Ben Jerbania, N.Fagel. « Palaeogeographical and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Medjerda delta (Tunisia) during the Holocene ». Quaternary Science Reviews (2019). Vol. 220, p. 263‑278. Doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2019.07.017 >

T. Power, A. Benoist, and P. Sheehan, An Iron Age ceramic sequence from the Bayt Bin Ati, al-Ain, UAE, Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy. 30 (2019) 75–102. doi:10.1111/aae.12122.
H. Delile, E. Pleuger, J. Blichert-Toft, J.-P. Goiran, N. Fagel, A. Gadhoum, A. Abichou, I.B. Jerbania, E. Fentress, and A.I. Wilson, Economic resilience of Carthage during the Punic Wars: Insights from sediments of the Medjerda delta around Utica (Tunisia), PNAS. (2019) 201821015. doi:10.1073/pnas.1821015116.
E. Pleuger, J.-Ph. Goiran, H. Delile, A. Gadhoum, H. Abichou, A. Wilson, E. Fentress, I. Ben Jerbania, F. Ghozzi, and N. Fagel, Exploration of the maritime façade of Utica: the potential location of the Phoenician and Roman harbours, Quaternary International. (2019). doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2019.04.007.


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