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[participation à colloque] Leiden (Pays-Bas) - Seminar for Arabian Studies 2019

Leiden (Pays-Bas) - 53rd Seminar for Arabian Studies 2019
Jeudi 11 Juillet 2019 - Samedi 13 Juillet 2019
- « On the diffusion of possible Sabean influences in Ethiopia during Antiquity. A view from the margins of the eastern Tigray plateau ». BENOIST A.
- « First discoveries of the Bāt-al-Arid Mission (Sultanate of Oman) ». CASTEL C.
- « The Middle Paleolithicof central and northern Saudi Arabia and their implications on demographic dispersals ». CRASSARD R., HILBERT Y. H.
- « Preliminary results from a functional analysis of Natufian chipped stone tools from Shubayqa 1, Jordan ». HILBERT Y. H.
- « Technological and typological variability of Upper and Late Palaeolithic stone tool assemblages from South Arabia ». HILBERT Y. H.
- « Recent French Excavations at Abu Saiba. New data on the Tylos Phase of Bahrain (c. 200 BC-300 AD). » LOMBARD P.
- « Provenance exchange and mobility. New evidence from the north of Emirates Pottery during the Late Bronze Age and the early Iron Age ». PELLEGRINO M. P., MÉRY S., BENOIST A.
- « What makes a Levallois core Nubian, type-list or classification? ». USIK V. I., HILBERT Y. H.
- 11 au 13 juillet 2019, University of Leiden
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