UMR 5133

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Laboratoire Archéorient

Environnements et sociétés de l'Orient ancien

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Bioarchaeological Investigations of the Interactions between Holocene Human Societies and their Environment 


BIOARCH is a European Research Network (GDRE - initiated by the CNRS, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France).

It has been initiated by the CNRS and Durham University, funded for four years (2008-2011) and prolongated (2011-2014).

BIOARCH aims to develop research interactions between eight scientific groups located at Barcelona (Spain), Basel (Switzerland), Bruxelles (Belgium), Durham (United Kingdom), Lyon (France), Montpellier (France), Paris (France)

BIOARCH comprises nearly 100 scientists all with the objective of focusing their collective research towards three major research themes:

Theme #1: Human impact and climate change during the Holocene

Theme #2: Neolithisation

Theme #3: Historic times: Near East and Europe, Bronze/Iron Age, Classical Antiquity and the birth of the Modern World (archaeozoology or botany)


  • UMR 7209 – Archéozoologie - Archéobotanique, Paris
  • UMR 5059 – Centre de Bio-Archéologie et d'Ecologie
  • UMR 5133 – Archéorient – Environnements et sociétés de l’Orient ancien
  • Institut de Préhistoire, Barcelone
  • Institut für Prähistorische und Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie, Basel
  • Centre for Past Peoples and Palaeoenvironments, Durham
  • Tierärztliche Fakultät, Veterinärwissenschaftliches Department, Institut für Paläoanatomie
  • Domestikationsforschung und Geschichte der Tiermedizin, Munich
  • Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Bruxelles

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