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Environnements et sociétés de l'Orient ancien

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[rencontre scientifique] Lyon - conférence Dr Bernd Muller-Neuhof

Lyon - conférence Dr Bernd Muller-Neuhof
Vendredi 01 Juin 2018

- Vendredi 1 juin 2018, 10h00, Amphithéâtre Benveniste, MOM, Lyon
Conférence du Dr Bernd Müller-Neuhof (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut), invité par l'équipe 1 du laboratoire Archéorient. La conférence s'intitule : Mines, hillforts and irrigation agriculture: The Jawa hinterland in the late 5th and 4th millennium BCE

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Since 2010 intensified archaeological research has been carried out in the northern Badia in NE-Jordan, focusing on the evidence for socio-economic activities in the late 5th and 4th millennium BCE, the Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age (LC/EBA).

The discovery of large flint mines with adjacent ‘industrial’ dimensioned cortical scraper production, abundant traces of nomadic pastoralism, evidence for terraced agriculture, facilitated by run off irrigation, and the discovery of several permanently occupied hillfort settlements east of Jawa, shed new light on a hitherto underestimated region, regarding its suitability and socio-economic potential for its EBA inhabitants.

The lecture will present a summary of the results of the last years research on the LC/EBA occupation and economic utilization of the basalt desert and the eastern adjacent limestone desert.

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