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[Séminaire] Third Online Research Seminar Series on Early Urbanization in Iran

Third Online Research Seminar Series on Early Urbanization in Iran
Lundi 10 Mai 2021 - Lundi 14 Juin 2021

The department of Archaeology at the Institute of Art and Architecture of Pars in collaboration with the University Lyon 2 and Archéorient hold Third Online Research Seminar Series on: “Early Urbanization in Iran; Development of Urban Centers in the Iranian Plateau”
- Les lundis du 3 mai au 14 juin 2021, via Zoom
>>> Programme (.pdf)

◊ 3 mai 2021 - Affiche (.pdf)
- Copper, Centralization, Complexity ? Arisman and its Neighbors int the 4th millenium BCE
Dr Barbara Helwing (Director of Museum of the Ancient Near East - SMB SPK Archaeological Center)

 ◊ 10 mai 2021
- The influence of Iran's visual culture on Mesopotamia and Egypt at the dawn of urbanism
Dr. Paul Collins (Jaleh Hearn Curator of Ancient Near East Ashmolean Museum pf Art and Archaeology, Uiversity of Oxford)

 ◊ 17 mai 2021
- Counting, Sealing, writing in Iran, 10,000-300 BC : diachronic contextual approaches
Dr Roger Mathews, Dr Amy Richardson (Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology, Department of Archaeology, University of Reading)

 ◊ 24 mai 2021
- The Oxus Civilization/BMAC: a recent overview.
Dr Berthille Lyonnet (Director of Research Emeritus, UMR 7192, Paris)

 ◊ 31 mai 2021
- Types of burials and funeral rituals int the broze Age Margiana (by data from Gonur depe)
Dr Nadezhda A. Dubova ( Prof. in History, Dr in Biology. Head of the Center of Human Ecology. Head of the Russian-Turkmen Margiana Expedition)

◊ 7 juin 2021
- The Later Prehistoric Periods of Afghanistan: a general review
Mr Latif Hafizi(Ph.D Scholar, Department of Archaeology and Ancient, M. S. University of Baroda

◊ 14 juin 2021
- Urban Behavior in Non-Urban Contexts: Looking Beyond the Childian Paradigm
Dr Kamyar Abdi (Department of Archaeology, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, iran


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