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Laboratoire Archéorient

Environnements et sociétés de l'Orient ancien

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[participation à colloque] Bologne, Italie - 12th ICAANE

Bologne, Italie - 12th ICAANE
Mardi 06 Avril 2021 - Vendredi 09 Avril 2021

12th International Congress ont the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, 6-9 avril 2021, Bologne, Italie

Communications des membres du laboratoire Archéorient

Al-Maqdissi M., Mouamar G.
The Akkar Plain: material culture and regional interactions during the Bronze Age. Prospec-tion 1986-1987 and 2005-2006

Baldi J. S.
Between an end and a new beginning: Tracking the post-Ubaid Mesopotamian transition as a horizon of ceramic innovations

Besnard B.
Hygienic practices in the Late Bronze Age (c. 1600-1130 B.C.): evidence from the first wash-room facilites and their uses in the Southern Levant

Castel C.
Monumental Architecture on the Margins of the Syrian Desert: Spatial Analysis, Functions and Rituals of the Sanctuary of Tell Al-Rawda (Early Bronze Age IV)

Dibo S.
Centre and periphery: dynamics of the occupation of the north-east region of Syria during the second half of the 3rd millennium BC

Morteza D., Brisset E., Gandoulin E., Véron A., Gondet S., Mashkour M.
Wetlands and palaeowetlands of the Persepolis Basin; valuable archives of palaeoenvironmen-tal changes and human activities

Gondet S., Mohammadkhani K., Chambrade M-L., Morteza D., Rigot J-B.
Landscape formation and territorial development during the 1st millennium BC in the Pasarga-dae region (Fars Province, Iran): new data from integrative geoarchaeological approach

Maiorano M. P., Marchand G., Vosges J., Charpentier V.
Backed bladelets and tanged points at Sharbithat SHA-10 (Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman): tech-nological issues and chronological implications

Marro C.
The View from the North (Part II).The emergence and spread of the Chaff-Faced-Ware oiku-menè as seen from the Araxes valley (4900-3500 BC)

Mashkour M, Davoudi H, Morteza D., Shidrang S., Biglari F., Tengberg M., Orange M., Morteza R., Moradi B., Doost S., Khazaeli R., Fathi H., Fathi Z.
Sounding of Tepe Ghazanchi, a PPN site near Kermanshah (Iran)

Palumbi G., Jalilov B., Guliyev F., Huseynov M., Poulmarc’h M., Astruc L., Baudouin E., Berthon R., D’Anna M.B., Decaix A., Gratuze B., Hamon C., Mazuy A., Regert M., Ricci A.
Report on 2018-2020 excavations and research at Kiçik Tepe and Qaraçinar (Azerbaijan). New data on the Neolithic and Kura-Araxes periods between the Kura River valley and the Lesser Caucasus Mountains

Rousset M.-O., Mouamar G.
The Arid Margins of the steppe of Northern Syria during the 3rd millenium: specificities and interractions

Shafiee M., Casanova M., Molasalehi H., Eskandari N.
Recent Archaeological Project of Orzu’iyeh valley: Excavations at Tepe Vakilabad, Kerman, South-East Iran

Valentini S., Yilmaz E., D’Amico V., Valentini S., Guarducci G., Crescioli L., Laneri L., Poulmarc’h M., Jalilov B.
A preliminary report on a mid-late fourth millenniun BC kurgan in western Azerbaijan

Vila E., Mashkour M., Orlando L., Ponpanon F.,  Abrahami Ph., Michel C., Chahoud J., Cucchi T., Breniquet C., Bradley D., Berthon R., De Cupere B., Al Besso M., Davoudi H., Estrada O., Vuillien M., Bader C., Gourichon L., Azadeh M., Studer J.
The development of sheep breeds in Southwest Asian societies (6th-1rst millennia B.C.): EvoSheep project–multidisciplinary approaches.


Poulmarc’h M., Le Mort F.
An overview of past funerary practices in the Southern Caucasus and their links with the neigh-bouring regions (6th-3rd mill. B.C.)

Vila M.

Middle Uruk village economy in the Southern Kurdistan (Iraq): The faunal analysis of Girdi Qala (Qara Dagh Project)

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