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Environnements et sociétés de l'Orient ancien

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[participation à colloque] Bruxelles (Belgique) - International Congress 'ICE 1 – The East'

Bruxelles (Belgique) - International Congress 'ICE 1 – The East'
Mardi 16 Avril 2019 - Jeudi 18 Avril 2019

Identity, Diversity & Contact, from the Southern Balkans to Xinjiang, from the Upper Palaeolithic to Alexander

- "The “agglomerated cells” of the Aragats region: new perspectives from the Arteni excavations", B. Perello, I. Kalantaryan, K. Azatyan, O. Barge, A. Creuzieux & R. Hovsepyan.
- "Chalcolithic human behavior in Azerbaijan", M. Poulmarc’h, E. Herrscher & B. Helwing
- " The Kura-Araxes funerary landscape of western Azerbaijan: The first preliminary data from the Ganja Region
Kurgan Archaeological Project (GaRKAP)" N. Laneri, B. Jalilov, L. Crescioli, G. Guarducci, J. Kneisel, M. Poulmarc’h, A. Ricci & S. Valentini.
- "Human dietary breadth at the Early Bronze Age across the S. Caucasus: First insights from stable isotope analysis", E. Herrscher, M. Poulmarc’h, L. Bitadze, N. Vanishvili, F. Le Mort, E. Rova, G. Gogochuri, G. Palumbi, S. Paz, M. Jalabadze & A. Guy
- 16-18 avril 2019, Royal Museum of Art & History, Bruxelles
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