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[participation à colloque] Munich, Allemagne - 11th ICAANE

Munich, Allemagne - 11th ICAANE
Mardi 03 Avril 2018 - Samedi 07 Avril 2018

11th International Congress ont the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

- "The Handmade Red-Black Burnished ware from Arslantepe (Malatya): investigating multi-scaled phenomena of mobility through ceramic materiality", communication de Pamela Fragnoli, Giulio Palumbi

-"Identification of a new material culture and circulation of potteries stemming from the production centres of the early regional states during the 3rd millennium in Central Syria", communication de Georges Mouamar

- "La mobilité de la culture syrienne vers l'Assyrie durant la période néo-assyrienne", communication de Suzanne Dibo

- "The defensive system of the arid margins of Northern Levant during the Middle Bronze Age", communication de Marie-Odile Rousset

"Ancient Bactra and its Oasis from during Protohistory", communication de Johanna Lhuillier, Julio Bendezu-Sarmiento, Philippe Marquis

-" The 2017 investigations at Kiçik Tepe (Tovuz, Azerbaidjan), new data on the neolithic and chalcolithic periods in the Kura river valley", communication de Giulio Palumbi et al.

-"A medieval Islamic building, at Solṭāniyeh, Iran", communication de Mahsa Feizi and Emāmzādeh ʿAbdollāh

Communications dans des workshops :
Bronze Age burial practices on the Arabian Peninsula: Interdisciplinary perspectives on cultural contacts and exchange
- "Research on cairns and tumuli at Madâ'in Sâlih: identifying a late 3rd early 2nd mill. hitherto unknown funerary tradition of north-western Arabia", communication de Waël Abu Azizeh

The Late Chalcolithic of Upper Mesopotamia and the interaction with Southern Uruk communities: new data and interpretations for better understanding of the early urban world
- "Beyond the Great Mountains: the integration of Late Chalcolithic Caucasian Communities into Middle-Eastern dynamics", communication de Catherine Marro

Archaeometrical Studies in Iran: State of Research and Perspectives
- "Looking north: first insights into the consumption of obsidian from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age in Nakhchivan", communication de M. Orange, F.-X. Bourdonnet, R. Berthon, V. Bakhaliyev, C. Marro

Redefining Interaction and Mobility in Prehistoric Southern Central Asian Archaeology
-"Pastoralism and animal management at Ulug Depe during the Bronze and Iron Ages", communication de Marjan Mashkour, Julie Daujat, Shiva Sheikhi, Sonja Kroll, Denis Fiorillo, Sarieh Amiri,  Margareta Tengberg, Johanna Lhuillier, Julio Bendezu-sarmiento
- "Where did they come from and where did they go? Stable isotope analyses of Bronze Age societies in Central Asia and Iran. New tools to think about mobility", communication de Sonja Kroll, Marjan Mashkour, Elise Dufour, Denis Fiorillo, Julio Bendezu, Johanna Lhuillier, Celine Bon

Achaemenid Residences in Context
Organizers: Kai Kaniuth et Sébastien Gondet
"Achaemenid pavilions and find spots of Achaemenid-style column bases: distribution, definition and functions", communication de Rémy Boucharlat
- "Pasargadae: Report on the recent archaeological activities (2015−2017)", communication de Sébastien Gondet et Kourosh Mohammedkhani
- "Achaemenid residences in their landscape: a cross study between Pasargadae and Karacamirli", communication de Marie-Laure Chambrade et Stephanie Metz

- Du 3 au 7 avril 2018, Munich (Allemagne), Ludwig Maximilians Universitat (LMU)
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